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Being a freelance writer is a dream for many but is not always the exciting life imagined. Hours and hours in front of a screen can become a bit long. Don’t even talk about writers block as this is one of the big obstacles for many writers. Even with all the negatives, being a writer is about passion and commitment. If you love writing, it can become a career. With these tips and hacks, you will be on your way to become a professional, freelance writer.
This is no time to start taking it easy. In fact, your work is just now ramping up.  I know, because I do guest blogging too. After submitting my articles, I will often have a recipient write back something like: We will review your content and if it is approved we will publish it. Occasionally, I’ll respond with something like ‘what do you mean if?” To which one of my favorite replies to date has been: Love your confidence, you should see the garbage we receive.
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Well, as you can plainly see, my past self, was entirely wrong. The world of social media has grown far beyond a simple internet hangout.
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